Friday, February 25, 2011

Casserole Carrier!

I just made this today, and am a little proud of myself! Sewing is not my speciality, but I did it without a pattern, (well I love the one Grandma Simpson made and I kinda copied it)! Spent about 3 hours on my first try, next time I hope to finish it quicker! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Reese is in Pre-school. She loves it. She has made some really cute friendships within her classmates too. Recently they had their Christmas program which included some songs, a little dance and some stage fright. Reese keeps her finger in her mouth when she is nervous or being shy. Doesn't she look like a little angle with the garland on her head? This was for Away in a Manger song, her favorite. Everything about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus she loves. We went to the nativity festival at church and she admired EVERY SINGLE baby Jesus. Imaging how long we were there for! I love her and she is such a blessing!

CU 3

So cute with Grandma Lay
This is my Cindy Lou from Whoville

Mom and Dad Lay had a mini Christmas night for us, we had soo much fun, and the kids enjoyed getting some early presents! Pillowpets of course!

The excitement of decorating your Christmas tree can be sooo special for your child. I love the happiness this season brings!

Jake and Dad drew a target on the window and played with the nerd guns, this kept them busy for a bit. The things Jake does when he gets bored!

Making a gingerhouse was soo much fun, even more fun was sneaking the treats that go on it!

This is our 9ft tree this year, Jake said "why not, we have high ceilings!" OK!

The TURKEY! B might of been a little afaid of this placed right in front of him.

It was so nice that Jake's sister Sheena and Steven drove over from AZ to spend Thanksgiving with us. We are sooo grateful when our family comes to see us, we miss everyone dearly.

This is us. We celebrated our 5 years on November 4th. It has flown by and we love every minute of it. With 2 crazies and keeping our lives sane, time goes fast. But, wouldn't change anything about it, it's perfect the way it is!

Catch up post 2

Reese has LEARNED how to cross her eyes
(and she does it for mostly every photo taken, great.)

Catch Up Post1

Where have I been? Well, not blogging, apparently FB is getting the better of me. Not much has changed we are just living life down in Temecula. It has been nice, our winter is what you see in the bottom photo of R and B. We did however make it up to Big Bear to go tubing. It was a blast! The kids loved it! Reese got very brave and wanted to ride superman style on daddys back down the slopes. It was funny because when we got up there there was no snow, then we pulled into the park and found snow. They have machines to make the snow for tubing, and it was really cold, 40 degrees, so we were just fine with the manmade stuff!

Monday, May 10, 2010

DAD, this is for you!

My dad has called me asking if I was going to update my blog, and I thought about it at first. And, I didn't realize that is has been since forever since the last update! Sorry Dad, and others! Here are a few pics of the fam. my sister came for a visit with Ryder and we had soo much fun together. We really didn't want them to leave. Jake is in Rhode Island for school. He dislikes it 100% and can't wait to come home. We miss him soo much. Actually he just found out that he might be staying in class for up to 5 months. Now, my next excitment is waiting for my sweet sis in law and her four kids to come in June. My house will be a {ZOO}! That's ok though, I love them and it will be totally fine.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Family Portrait

OK guys, here it is Reese's first drawing of something that looks like something! I asked her what it is and it is our family. I know it looks freakishly odd, but I am SO proud of her! I swear once she starts doing a new hobby, she really picks it up! We are getting really excited just thinking about pre-school, we know she is just going to have a blast!...I love that she gave me only one EYE, and how frazzled Jake looks! And, Brody is sleeping, and how she has long hair only on one side {maybe of the haircut she gave herself?} Its great! I love her tons!